The Goodness of Beans and Magic

A Brief history of the magic bean club

Chris "Sandman" Sand grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in western Montana. He tours throughout the U.S. and Canada performing a unique blend of original folk, punk, rap, and cowboy music. In 2010 he was the subject of a feature-length award-winning documentary, ROLL OUT, COWBOY. Sandman uses humor, music, and poetry to tell stories, build connections, and get people thinking.

In 2021, Chris and his then 9-year-old daughter Stevie Angela  (pictured) formed  a yearlong project called the Magic Bean Club with the intent to add "magic, mischief, and mystery to young people's lives." It was a creative success that helped distract them (and  a few dozen others) from the tenacious COVID-19 pandemic. When the pandemic ended Chris and Stevie decided to let the subscription gift box component of the Magic Bean Club go dormant. Life was getting busy again, afterall.

In 2023, the Magic Bean Club organically shifted into a three-piece children's band featuring Chris (guitar, vocals), Grace Decker (fiddle, harmonies) & Ian Smith (multi-instrumentals). Chris Sand & the Magic Bean Club love playing anywhere that youngsters might want to hop around and/or fall down laughing 🤸🏽‍♀️🤣!  

Be sure to click the "Videos" link up above to watch the band play a few of their newest songs such as "Jumping Bean," "Elephant in My Room," "The Wolf (Fairy Tales)," and more! You may reach out to us via the "Contact" page if you'd like us to play a show at your local library or elsewhere.